The Rich Forever Way – Rich the Kid & Famous Dex

I’ve been debating what recent project to review, I thought about doing the Gucci Mane album Droptopwop or Snoop’s new album but The Rich Forever way has grown on me, especially since I saw the video for New Wave, the 4th song on the project (swag ass vlone on Rich the Kid and Dex is wearing this random cool flannel I found with a bit of googling). The mixtape came out about 2 months ago, however a few of the songs had been released prior (the New Wave video came out November 2016). People have been saying this is a collection of loosies, similar to Luv is Rage 1.5 by Lil Uzi, either way I appreciate the songs all being put in one place and put out as a project.

Rich the Kid got his start as a Migos affiliate and has been releasing mixtapes steadily for a few years now. I downloaded random songs here and there from him, mostly collaborations with other artists such as Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti and 21 Savage but The Rich Forever Way is the first project I have downloaded from him. Most recently, he was featured in Diplo song with Young Thug and Justin Bieber that came out a few days ago but had Bieber removed due to exclusivity with DJ Khaled and David Guetta, according to Diplo.


Famous Dex is a rapper from Chicago, I’ve listened to a few of his mixtapes but nothing really stuck until hearing him on The Rich Forever Way. He was signed by Rich the Kid to his Rich Forever music label in 2016 and has been getting put on by Rich every since. Dexter is known for having bright red hair similar to Lil Yachty as well as being covered in tattoos and having ridiculous squawking ad libs.


  1. Intro – Introduction to Rich Forever, catchy and bouncy beat, decent verses.
  2. Like 3- The chorus of this song is “Bitch I be lucky like 3” which I guess is a reference to the number 3 traditionally being lucky? Throwing back to Shakespeare with the reference game. The verses are decent, Dex’s is a little overloaded with ad libs. Overall song is pretty forgettable.
  3. In My Coupe – This song was the reason I initially downloaded the mixtape. Beat is chill as hell, love how Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, and Jay Critch all have a few bars each verse. The flows are fire even if Dex’s delivery can be a little grating.
  4. New Wave – This song didn’t catch my attention at first but after watching the music video (New Wave) I circled back to it and now I like it a lot. Chilled out vibe, MadeinTYO has a solid second verse, solid hook.
  5. Windmill- Chorus is hot, “Make my money flip it do gymnastics // flexin’ with that rollie but its plastic” sets a great rhyme scheme up for the rest of the song. The beat has that bounce to it, probably a top 3 song on the project.
  6. Maybach – This beat sounds like the intro to a cartoon of the life of Famous Dex, which fits based on the artwork he uses often. Good novelty song, not a lot of replayability.
  7. Pull Up – Jay Critch chorus, song is pretty average but I do like the way the beat builds up.
  8. Soak it Up – This beat is hot, chorus is sub par but the verses are decent due to great flows.

Overall thought it was a solid project, Rich the Kid and Famous Dex both have solo projects that are supposed to drop mid-June but we’ll see if they actually come out when announced. This mixtape was a great intro to each of them, worth checking out in my opinion. You can stream and download it here.


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