Tha Drought is Over 7/27/2018

The reason I am writing this tonight after a 3 month drought is because I knew the Denzel Curry singles were coming out but I purposefully kind of slept on them. I’ve been listening to TA13OO

and this album is everything I wanted. Clout Cobain is amazing. Listen to it. Right now.

I think 9 out of 10 tracks on his 2016 album Imperial are incredible so I had high expectations going into his next project but TA13OO delivers. It has a pretty good mix of smooth to hard as FUCK songs and its not too long (looking at you Wiz, I like the idea of Rolling Papers 2 but 25 songs is too damn long).

Fleurever by Jazz Cartier came out today as well, been waiting on his follow up to 2016’s Hotel Paranoia forever.

I was a little underwhelmed by this project on my first listen but I’ll give it some time and see if some songs shine.

Swervo, a collab album between G Herbo and producer Southside came out today too. I don’t think he’s going to hit the billboard with this but there are definitely some tight songs, love Some Nights and the Chief Keef collab.

Doh Doh is the only song with replay value on Beastmode 2. Change my mind.

Tyler has been dropping some dope loosies lately, apparently a A$ap Rocky collab project is coming soon. The video above is off of the AWGE DVD, there are a bunch of other recent loosies from artists that have come from the AWGE DVD as well (Uzi).

Chance the Rapper released 4 new tracks ahead of his apparently upcoming album. I like all of them but probably like Wala Cam and Work Out the best out of them. Hoping for a Kanye executive produced 7 song album, per Ye, Kids See Ghosts etc. I’m sure it would be amazing.

There are way too many albums to cover since my last update but I will highly recommend the Flatbush Zombies album Vacation in Hell,

The Book of Eli by Ski Mask the Slump God,

and Redemption by Jay Rock

Freddie Gibbs and Lil Baby albums are honorable mention and also I guess Scorpion. Also Die Lit.

Who Run It 4/10/18

There have been a ton of releases in the past two weeks, Flatbush Zombies’ album, Cardi B’s major label debut, Rich the Kid’s major label debut, Famous Dex’s major label debut, etc. In addition to all this there is also a dope trend that I wanted to highlight – freestyling over Who Run It by 3 6 Mafia.

The original song came out on Three 6 Mafia’s fourth studio album, When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1, in January of 2000. Three 6 Mafia peaked in popularity the mid 2000’s but have been ridiculously influential to the modern trap sound, as recent events continue to demonstrate.

At the end of March 2018 G Herbo went to Dallas to freestyle with Bay Bay, host of the K104 radio station. He went freestyled over a few beats, one of which being Who Run It. G Herbo is a Chicago rapper, previously known as Lil Herb, who came up with Lil Bibby around the time Chief Keef and the drill scene was really popping off in Chicago. His debut studio album, Humble Beast, was well received and I encourage all to check it out – however Herbo is just getting started as shown by his freestyle below.

Drake DM’d Herbo about the freestyle giving him props (see below) and pushed him to release it as a song, which Herbo did.

Following this trend more and more rappers have jumped on the beat and made their own remixes. A$AP Rocky released a remix, 21 Savage released a remix, Dave East released a remix. A personal favorite of mine is the Trippie Redd and Lil Yachty remix, seen below.

Finally, Juicy J released a remix last night shouting out everyone who already made a remix. This song came out 18 years ago and is just as relevant now as it was then – this speaks to the cyclical nature of hip hop and I would love to continue hearing Three 6 Mafia remixes by current rappers for years to come.

Definitive List of Hottest Hip Hop Dances 2/3/18

  1. Do the Heizman On Dat Hoe by 3rd Flo

A lesser known song probably but still an all time classic. With some of the funnier lyrics “Let Em Know (LET EM KNOW) Shawty Fine, Breath Stank? Do Da Heizman On Dat Hoe” not only made the dance a must know but also the lyrics. What really made this a top 10 dance was before the music video came out the only way someone could find the dance was a bootleg version of kids dancing to it in their dorm room.

(Shout Out Mike Vick Atlanta Jersey)

  1. Cat Daddy by Rej3ectz

Featured in the music video is Chris Brown, possibly an all time dance co-sign for any dance. Everyone knows Chris Brown can make any dance hot and by him hopping in this video solidified this songs spot. But what really makes this song beat most others is the all time all time gif of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy.


  1. Stanky Legg by GS Boyz

One of the more iconic names for a dance because it makes no sense. Where the GS Boyz thought of the name and this dance is baffling. Can’t knock the hustle because afterwards everyone knew exactly what the stanky legg was.

  1. Walk it Out by Unk

The first song on this list where I would say that the song is just as popular as the dance. Dj Unk was no stranger to making dance hits which included, 2 step, Hit the dance floor, and Beat’n Down Yo Block. The best he ever put out has to be hands down Walk it Out or the only song Dj could school Grant in Stomp The Yard.

(R.I.P. Chris Brown)

  1. The Milly Rock by 2 Milly

The first newer song on this list is a New York City banger. Coming off hot after the shurmda dance New York was feeling themselves thinking they can dance. Not known for dancing New York proves us wrong and creates a dance which requires enough coordination where white people seemingly can not ruin (yet..).

  1. Lean Back by Terror Squad

Now entering the top 5 these songs and dances were unstoppable in their day. It was to a point where you were forced to learn these dances because if you didn’t and this song came on you were just a lame if you couldn’t do the dance. Lean Back is by far the simplest dance on this list maybe even ever but there was just something so smooth about it. Gave off the feeling of I want to dance but I also don’t want to try to hard.

  1. Lean wit it Rock wit it by Dem Franchize Boyz

The songs fits plenty of criteria for being a top 5 dance and song. Does the song incorporates the motion of leaning in the dance? Check. Is the song performed by a group who spells their name with a z instead of an s? Check. Are said members of the group obsessed with rocking white tees? Check. They absolutely kill it with the snap. Nothing was smoother.

There was no bigger advocate for the white tee look than Dem Franchize Boyz.

  1. Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District

In my eyes the most impressive dance on this list. No set dance steps to the Dougie made it the hardest to learn. When someone could actually Dougie it wasn’t a gimmick you knew buddy could move. And again Chris Brown took this dance and ran with it making everyone else try to Dougie and quickly realize they could not.

  1. Pop Lock and Drop it by Huey

Finally, a dance for chicks. You see a girl Milly Rocking or hitting the lean back and it feels weird so, coming in clutch is Pop Lock and Drop it. One of the best songs to let the dudes just hang back sing along to the lyrics and just watch the chicks dance.

  1. Crank That by Soulja Boy

No words need to be said. I swear Soulja Boy invented going viral with this.

Honorable Mentions:

The Dab

Hit Dem Folks

Shmurda Dance

You’re a Jerk

Juju on the beat

Hit the Quan

Shoulder Lean

Chicken noodle soup

Update 8/27/2017

I’ve been sitting on a couple projects for a while now and before they’re too far gone with the recent influx of new albums I’m going to do a couple quick hits.

21 Savage – Issa Album

Thought it was decent, I liked Savage Mode from 2016 more. The only songs I’m still listening to a little over a month later (the album came out July 7th and leaked a few days beforehand) are Bank Account, linked above, and Bad Business. The whole Issa thing is kinda played out in my mind, but there are a couple tracks that bump on this album. I’d say its worth a listen.

Tyler, the Creator – Scum Fuck, Flower Boy

This album was great. Tyler has come a long way since Bastard. This album is still Tyler doing his thing but you get the sense that he is not the same kid he used to be, maturing from a lot of the goofiness and edginess of his previous projects. There are still a ton of Tyler moments, where he does provocative shit just to “get the people going”, but overall very solid album. Among topics such as loneliness and stardom, Tyler also discusses his sexuality quite a bit. Even if you aren’t a Tyler, the Creator fan I would still encourage you to check this project out. Check out his remix to Jay Z’s 4:44 below, which was released a few weeks after the album.


Meek Mill – Wins & Losses

Solid release by Meek Mill, there are a bunch of hard hitting tracks on this album. Glow Up (linked above), Issues, Fuck That Check Up, and Connect the Dots are some of the highlights, all of them have high energy and dope beats. Connect the Dots is hard as fuck, featuring Rick Ross and Yo Gotti. If you’ve been a fan of any MMG releases in the past you should give this a listen, otherwise you’ll probably just hear the highlights on the radio. Meek Mill doesn’t expand or grow much as an artist here, there is a lot of redundancy and I have to say I was expecting more from this album as a postmortem of his marriage to Nicki Minaj and the Drake beef of 2015.


Amine – Good For You

Good For You is a solid debut studio album from Amine, the 23 year old XXL Freshmen from Portland, Oregon. Amine is incredibly versatile on the album and preforms well both singing and rapping, the album is cohesive with an ebb and flow of energy, and it had a high charting leading single which I am sure everyone has heard 100 times by now (Caroline). I thought SundaysBlinds, and Wedding Crashers were among the standouts. His rapping style sometimes reminded of Mac Miller, both in flow/delivery but also in the energy behind it. Amine does a good job of capturing that “just finished high school” youthful sound, although he is 23. This album is worth listening to and I am excited to see where Amine’s career goes from here.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire –  Brainiac

Mr. Muthafucking eXquire is an enigma, sporadically releasing music without doing much, if any, promotion. I listened to 2013’s Kismet, which I thought was a great release, and then didn’t hear anything from him again until I heard that his new EP Brainiac had dropped. Brainiac is short, only 6 songs in total. The intro is depressing song called “Lost in the Sauce”, about addiction and slipping into old patterns. At the end of the track there is a funny skit where eXquire has a conversation with his brain, akin to the old Tyler, the Creator therapy sessions skits. While eXquire can be a bit eccentric, such as in the brain conversation skit, I find that he also has a way of sounding wise and providing commentary, be it on the rap game, race, or the everyday struggle. Standout tracks for me would be 40z @ the Met Gala and Bebop and Rocksteady, linked below.

The Lil Peep Update 8/15/2017

Damn its been a whole month since I posted an update, life and laziness has been getting the better of me lately. I’ve been wanting to do an update centered around Lil Peep for a while and now that his debut official release has come out it seems as good a time as any. Let me start off saying that Lil Peep is not for everyone. Some have described his music as “emo rap” and he has the image to go along with it.

Lil Peep started his career after dropping out of high school in 2015. He’s originally from Long Island, NY, but is now out in LA, California. He is a quintessential “SoundCloud Rapper”, generating a buzz almost exclusively via the internet without releasing cohesive projects. He had some success with Hellboy in late 2016, though certain internet reviewers were not impressed by it. He has since released many loosie tracks on Youtube and SoundCloud, culminating in the release of Benz Truck prior to his debut EP, Come Over When You’re Sober (Part 1).

I first stumbled across Lil Peep on Youtube by finding the above video. I liked the melancholy tone along with the “SadBoy-esque”/vaporwave aesthetic, I also liked his delivery. From there I found Your EyesWhite Wine, and Hellboy, all of which are worth checking out if you’re still with me. Lil Peep continues to change his image drastically, growing out his hair, dying it pink, most recently shaving his head, and continuing to accumulate tons of tattoos on his body and face. His lyrical content primarily revolves around drug use, his love life, and depression.  Some have tried to put him in a genre of “alternative rap”, others have called him “emo rap” as stated above. Lil Peep in my mind is definitively hip hop, although many of his songs defy rigid genre lines especially with his heavy use of rock and punk guitar samples.

Come Over When You’re Sober (Part 1) has finally come out on Apple music and Spotify, Peep’s first official release. Disappointingly, it is only 24 minutes long and made up by 7 songs, two of which (Benz Truck and The Brightside) came out beforehand. The album was supposed to come out August 11th, was pushed back to September, leaked on the internet and finally was released yesterday. The opener is Benz Truck, which is one of my favorite Lil Peep songs and I wish the rest of the album sounded more like it. Most of the other songs are slower and more introspective, U Said and The Brightside are my other two favorites. I love the beat/song switch in U Said and The Brightside probably has the best beat on the album outside of Benz Truck. Overall I thought this album was a let down, although I do still think Lil Peep has a ton of room to grow and is ultimately headed for success, be it in the mainstream or underground. Much of this album blends together into an angsty 20 minutes and before you know it its over. Hopefully we will see a Part 2 with a longer track listing and a few hits soon.

Update 7/14/2017

New loosie from Flatbush Zombies, Meech is missing on this track with only Juice on the mic and Erick producing. The music video is pretty sweet (seen below) and always glad to get some new music from FBZ.


Skepta had a new loosie drop a little over a week ago, might have flown under the radar with all the other big releases recently. The song is pretty dope, listen below.


Very excited about the below, can’t get enough Metro Production.

The first single came out yesterday, even if you don’t like Nav you’ll be able to appreciate the production. I doubt it’ll leak since it’s been pretty under the radar until now.


Lil Pump is a pretty polarizing figure right now, he’s another SoundCloud rapper that old heads hate. He’s coming out of Florida and has worked with Ronny J quite a bit, Ronny J is a prevalent producer right now who I know from his work with Denzel Curry. The song below in a lot of ways sounds like older Chief Keef. The theme of the song, name, lyrics, beats, and baby noises are crazy when you consider the fact that Lil Pump is currently 16 years old.


The nextXXL cypher came out today. Kamaiyah, PnB Rock, and Kap G rapped over another Sonny Digital beat. I have to say, I really like Sonny Digital. The GOAT EP was really slept on, glad he is getting some promotion from XXL. I thought the cypher was pretty good, obviously none of these were freestyles but overall much better showings than the “freestyles” they did before.


Finally, SoundCloud’s fate is up in the air. They fired 172 employees and closed some of their offices, and according to the linked article a source says they only have 50 days of runway left for funding.

Chance the rapper says that he spoke with the Alex Ljung, the founder of SoundCloud, and that things are good but we’ll see what happens. SoundCloud is a great platform and I hope it sticks around independently.

Jay Z – 4:44

I would be pretty surprised if you are reading this blog and haven’t heard this by now, but Jay Z dropped an album titled 4:44 at midnight on June 30th exclusively on Tidal (the streaming service purchased by Jay Z in 2015 that Sprint now owns 33% of). After a week of exclusivity on Tidal the physical copy was released and the project went live on all of the other streaming services. It is a shorter album, originally 10 tracks with 3 bonus tracks coming out on the physical version. The album is produced entirely by No I.D. who is a legendary producer from Chicago with tons of hits over the years. 4:44 is Jay Z’s 14th studio album, he has had an incredibly long run and has experienced incredible success both inside and outside the realm of hip hop.

Jay Z really doesn’t waste a bar on this album, this means that there is an incredible amount of depth in each and every song. I’m not going to sit down and type out every shot and complex line because there are simply too many and I’m STILL hearing new lines after listening to the album 5 or 6 times. Jay takes shots at a whole messof people on the album, including the alleged Kanye line, Eric Benet, Future, Bill Cosby, and more. Overall, I thought the main themes on the album were about family, race, and legacy. It felt to me like a possible retirement album, although with Jay Z, who really knows. One point that I wanted to make that I haven’t seen much talk of on the internet was the fact that 4:44’s album artwork (seen below) is using a color remarkably similar to Kanye’s from Life of Pablo (also seen below). This may prove some kind of solidarity with Kanye, the orange being the compliment to Jay’s “Jay Z Blue”, the color he bought back in 2007, or maybe I’m reading in to nothing.


I thought this was a great project that once again showcases the lyrical prowess and songwriting skill of Jay Z over stellar production. This album is meant for sitting down and listening to bars, not for playing at a party and turning up to. It is an album that transports you into the life of Shawn Carter, it speaks about his life and his family, where he’s been and where he’s going. There is only one major problem with this album, 50 Cent didn’t like it.


Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

I started following Calvin Harris after I heard You Used to Hold Me in 2010. Bounce and Feel So Close, which came out in 2011, were already EDM classics by 2012. Over the next few years he continued to get bigger and is now a driving force in the sound that governs pop radio. I had always pigeon holed him as an EDM only artist, however as the line blurs I now find myself reviewing his album as a hip hop release. I wish he had come around earlier, I saw him in 2016 at Coachella, however now that I think about it he did release Open Wide with Big Sean back in 2014. Based on the title and sound of Slide its pretty clear that this album is going to be full of funky summer jams, hoping that the rest of the album stacks up to the singles thus far.

  1. Slide – This song has been everywhere and for good reason, its a great song. The album version sounds a little more crisp, I love the baseline.
  2. Cash Out – This is true with all of the songs on this album but this song in particular is very funky. This is the ScHoolboy Q you didn’t know you needed, love how he sounds on an upbeat track like this. PARTYNEXTDOOR sounds great on the chorus, DRAM doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table.
  3. Heatstroke – Pharrell on the chorus with Ariana Grande, Young Thug on the verses. I always like some Young Thug but I think the chorus is where the song really shines.
  4. Rollin – I’m big into Future but I don’t think he adds much to this track. This came out a few weeks ago if I remember correctly.
  5. Prayers Up – A little bit slower than the other songs thus far. Travis kind of reminds me of 3 Wayz here. I don’t know what bird that is that’s sampled in the instrumental (Occurs at 2:53 and throughout) but I love it and it adds to the tropical vibe of the album.
  6. Holiday – Classic Snoop Dogg, John Legend and the highly coveted solo Takeoff verse. Which was… just okay. Underwhelmed by this song. 
  7. Skrt On Me – Nicki Minaj pulling out the islander style vocals over a dancehall type beat. This is a good song but might get overshadowed by the bigger radio hits on the project.
  8. Feels – I love Katy Perry on this song. The instrumental is basically a ska song (which is great), though it changes up and sounds more stripped down once Medium Sean comes in for his verse. Pharrell sounds great on this song, in addition to his earlier appearance on the album.
  9. Faking It – The song has a brief build up, Khelani sounds great on the chorus and in her verse. Lil Yachty comes in and is going strong for a while but crashes near the end of his verse rapping about putting pepperoni on his girlfriend.
  10. Hard to Love – Slow track with Jessie Reyez on vocals. It sounds nice but not really my thing.

Overall this is a great project, will definitely get a lot of radio play and be a big part of the sound this summer.


In addition to the Calvin Harris, Tyler finally dropped some new music today. See the music video with A$AP Rocky below.

Update 6/26/2017

Listened to the Denzel Curry EP, wasn’t a big fan. I’ve been following Denzel since Nostalgic 64 in late 2014. I love his 2016 project Imperial, only 4 features and 10 tracks long it is a great cohesive body of work where Denzel raps about many societal issues in southern Florida among other subjects such as relationships and childhood nostalgia. Almost all of these songs I still listen to occasionally, if you haven’t already definitely check it<noscript><a href=’; target=’_blank’>Denzel Curry – Imperial</a></noscript>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>out.

Image result for denzel curry

Denzel Curry – 13


Disappointing there are only 5 songs and they are all pretty short, total run time is only 12 minutes and a handful of these songs have already come out.

  1. Bloodshed – Denzel spits on the verses but the chorus is mediocre. Not a huge fan.
  2. Hate Government – Denzel “on his hate government shit”, song is only a minute and 30 seconds and the beat is super stripped down, the abrasiveness sounds almost as if it could be a Danny Brown track.
  3. Equalizer – Beat sounds similar to Hate Government, at the beginning the transition is very smooth. Ronny J raps on this, he’s a dope producer originally from New Jersey but lives in south Florida and is responsible for a lot of the sounds coming out of the area right now, including XXXtentacion and Lil Pump. This track is decent.
  4. Heartless – Another similar beat, Denzel raps with distorted vocals in a cadence he often uses.
  5. Zeltron 6 Billion – Lil Ugly Mane feature, for me this is probably the stand out track on the project. Quality lyricism, beat switches up from the abrasive/industrial theme of the last few songs, great flow. The feature also works well.

Overall expected more from Denzel and probably won’t be listening to this much. Hopefully this is just a teaser to tide the fans over before a major release coming soon but I have not heard anything.


Other updates, Ugly Godreleased  Fuck Ugly God, a funny self deprecating track (the meme here is that Ugly God is in a beef with himself) where he heats himself for various things such as “getting jumped on Halloween”  or borrowing clothes in 8th grade. It’s crazy to me that so far he is the only person capitalizing on the XXL hype with some music prepared, he also potentially has the best XXL freestyle so far. This is the meme rapper who makes videos like this

This song will apparently be on his upcoming project “The Booty Tape”.

XXXtentacion and affiliates have released a mixtape under the group “Members Only” listened to a few songs and thought it was alright, apparently they are still adding a couple tracks because it was leaked so I’ll give it a full listen when/if that happens.


Finally, Joe Budden and Migos almost got into a fight at the BET awards. I guess DJ Akademics couldn’t hear Takeoff and Takeoff didn’t like being asked about Bad and Boujee again after it has come up in other interviews. Joe interpreted this standoffish response from Takeoff to be an insult and cut the interview short and dropped the Mike and walked off acting tough and there was a tense moment. This is typical of Joe as he usually plays the crotchety worked up old head role and Everyday Struggle is getting a ton of publicity off of this stuff, video below.

Update 6/19/2017

I’ve been listening to the Young Thug project a lot, it feels more structured than previous projects. Thoroughly enjoying some of the moments on it and overall I think it is a lot better than Jeffery. I also still have the Chief Keef mixtape in rotation, although many people will write him off due to lack of lyricism. Thot Breaker has a lot of tracks with a Caribbean/dancehall feel, similar to Drake’s incorporation of this sound. I also downloaded a new mixtape by Domo Genesis, Red Corolla. With the 2 Chainz album, Big Boi album and more coming out so recently I thought this might fly under the radar so I will be reviewing it below.

I first started following Domo Genesis back in 2011 when Tyler, the Creator and the rest of Odd Future were gaining popularity. I listened to a few songs here and there and downloaded his 2016 album Genesis. The album was average, too many features and not a lot of stand out tracks with replayability.

Domo Genesis – The Red Corolla Review

  1. The Red Corolla – Intro brings us in with this slowed down male vocal sample over a lo fi beat. The song is short with one continuous stream of consciousness from Domo and no chorus. Most of the lyrics are reminiscing about older days and being broke, struggling and trying to make it through life. At the end of the song Domo is trying to start the Red Corolla and yelling at his mom about the car not starting, which it eventually does. I love how this brings us into the concept of the mixtape, the sample becomes clear and it sounds like the type of song you’d imagine in an old car radio. The mixtape appears to be about driving through a day/night doing various things in the Red Corolla.
  2. Vintage Doms – Chilled out ethereal beat, Domo flows over the beat for about a minute and then there is some dialogue where he calls up his homie to pick him up in the car. He continues flowing through the second verse and then picks up his friends. The vibe of the song along with the sound effects of the car and doors being opened and closed makes one think of cruising around on a summer night. The song ends with dialogue between friends in the car and a quiet “chicken nugget head ass” as the dialogue fades out over the car engine.
  3. Deez Nuts – Don’t like this song as much, beat is okay and rapping is pretty run of the mill.
  4. …Time Goes By – This is a smoke song but there is this eerie paranoia to the beat caused by the inclusion of bells that sound like they belong to a clock. There are some good one liners, such as “Back when my pockets was on Hector Zeroni” (that is a Holes reference. The song ends with Domo tweaking and turning down a one way street while high with his friends as they approach a party.
  5. Honestly, Just Wanna Have a Good Time – I like this song, there is an upbeat King Chip feature and some high energy rhymes and then the entire track bottoms out and a slow piano comes in with a slowed down flow from Domo. Eventually the downward spiral stops and Domo says he isn’t feeling the vibe and has to get away from the party. This does a good job of capturing that moment at a party where you look around and realize you aren’t having fun and ask yourself why you’re there in the first place.
  6. Overthinking – Domo is on the chorus, which is fairly average, Styles P feature for both verses. Styles P is good but this is not a standout track.
  7. Self Doubt The Interlude – Trippy beat with pitched down vocals vaguely about depression and weed. Short and sets a somber mood, at the end of the song a friend calls up Domo to make some money by making music.
  8. What It Means – Seems like the pursuit of money has cured Domo’s depression. Somewhat upbeat boom bap beat with a great violin(?) sample in the chorus. Outro samples Dying to Live, which was also famously sampled in 2Pac’s posthumous Runnin’ featuring a posthumous Biggie verse.
  9. Slow Burn – Weed song, Domo is back on top of things, great flows.
  10. Long Way Home – Another cruising in the whip song, a little somber and introspective with a long outro sounding like were tuning out of the red corolla’s radio station.

Overall I thought this was a really solid mixtape from Domo, I liked it a lot more than the last release I downloaded from him (Genesis). I really love the concept of a night in the car and how it connects to Domo’s experiences while giving the listener a “fly on the wall” quality. I think the concept could have been explored a little better, it felt like a couple of songs were thrown in as filler and there wasn’t really a clear direction or resolution to the trip. The production is where this mixtape shines, I can imagine Curren$y flowing over most of these beats. Left Brain produced a few of the tracks which is nice to see. Unfortunately there aren’t many stand out songs and this will likely get buried with all of the big summer hits out right now, but Domo will continue to have my ear in the future.

Image result for domo genesis red corolla

Love this cover.

Image result for domo genesis red corolla back

Gained some respect for Vic today.