Definitive List of Hottest Hip Hop Dances 2/3/18

  1. Do the Heizman On Dat Hoe by 3rd Flo

A lesser known song probably but still an all time classic. With some of the funnier lyrics “Let Em Know (LET EM KNOW) Shawty Fine, Breath Stank? Do Da Heizman On Dat Hoe” not only made the dance a must know but also the lyrics. What really made this a top 10 dance was before the music video came out the only way someone could find the dance was a bootleg version of kids dancing to it in their dorm room.

(Shout Out Mike Vick Atlanta Jersey)

  1. Cat Daddy by Rej3ectz

Featured in the music video is Chris Brown, possibly an all time dance co-sign for any dance. Everyone knows Chris Brown can make any dance hot and by him hopping in this video solidified this songs spot. But what really makes this song beat most others is the all time all time gif of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy.


  1. Stanky Legg by GS Boyz

One of the more iconic names for a dance because it makes no sense. Where the GS Boyz thought of the name and this dance is baffling. Can’t knock the hustle because afterwards everyone knew exactly what the stanky legg was.

  1. Walk it Out by Unk

The first song on this list where I would say that the song is just as popular as the dance. Dj Unk was no stranger to making dance hits which included, 2 step, Hit the dance floor, and Beat’n Down Yo Block. The best he ever put out has to be hands down Walk it Out or the only song Dj could school Grant in Stomp The Yard.

(R.I.P. Chris Brown)

  1. The Milly Rock by 2 Milly

The first newer song on this list is a New York City banger. Coming off hot after the shurmda dance New York was feeling themselves thinking they can dance. Not known for dancing New York proves us wrong and creates a dance which requires enough coordination where white people seemingly can not ruin (yet..).

  1. Lean Back by Terror Squad

Now entering the top 5 these songs and dances were unstoppable in their day. It was to a point where you were forced to learn these dances because if you didn’t and this song came on you were just a lame if you couldn’t do the dance. Lean Back is by far the simplest dance on this list maybe even ever but there was just something so smooth about it. Gave off the feeling of I want to dance but I also don’t want to try to hard.

  1. Lean wit it Rock wit it by Dem Franchize Boyz

The songs fits plenty of criteria for being a top 5 dance and song. Does the song incorporates the motion of leaning in the dance? Check. Is the song performed by a group who spells their name with a z instead of an s? Check. Are said members of the group obsessed with rocking white tees? Check. They absolutely kill it with the snap. Nothing was smoother.

There was no bigger advocate for the white tee look than Dem Franchize Boyz.

  1. Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District

In my eyes the most impressive dance on this list. No set dance steps to the Dougie made it the hardest to learn. When someone could actually Dougie it wasn’t a gimmick you knew buddy could move. And again Chris Brown took this dance and ran with it making everyone else try to Dougie and quickly realize they could not.

  1. Pop Lock and Drop it by Huey

Finally, a dance for chicks. You see a girl Milly Rocking or hitting the lean back and it feels weird so, coming in clutch is Pop Lock and Drop it. One of the best songs to let the dudes just hang back sing along to the lyrics and just watch the chicks dance.

  1. Crank That by Soulja Boy

No words need to be said. I swear Soulja Boy invented going viral with this.

Honorable Mentions:

The Dab

Hit Dem Folks

Shmurda Dance

You’re a Jerk

Juju on the beat

Hit the Quan

Shoulder Lean

Chicken noodle soup

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