Update 7/14/2017

New loosie from Flatbush Zombies, Meech is missing on this track with only Juice on the mic and Erick producing. The music video is pretty sweet (seen below) and always glad to get some new music from FBZ.


Skepta had a new loosie drop a little over a week ago, might have flown under the radar with all the other big releases recently. The song is pretty dope, listen below.


Very excited about the below, can’t get enough Metro Production.


The first single came out yesterday, even if you don’t like Nav you’ll be able to appreciate the production. I doubt it’ll leak since it’s been pretty under the radar until now.


Lil Pump is a pretty polarizing figure right now, he’s another SoundCloud rapper that old heads hate. He’s coming out of Florida and has worked with Ronny J quite a bit, Ronny J is a prevalent producer right now who I know from his work with Denzel Curry. The song below in a lot of ways sounds like older Chief Keef. The theme of the song, name, lyrics, beats, and baby noises are crazy when you consider the fact that Lil Pump is currently 16 years old.


The nextXXL cypher came out today. Kamaiyah, PnB Rock, and Kap G rapped over another Sonny Digital beat. I have to say, I really like Sonny Digital. The GOAT EP was really slept on, glad he is getting some promotion from XXL. I thought the cypher was pretty good, obviously none of these were freestyles but overall much better showings than the “freestyles” they did before.


Finally, SoundCloud’s fate is up in the air. They fired 172 employees and closed some of their offices, and according to the linked article a source says they only have 50 days of runway left for funding.

Chance the rapper says that he spoke with the Alex Ljung, the founder of SoundCloud, and that things are good but we’ll see what happens. SoundCloud is a great platform and I hope it sticks around independently.

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