The Lil Peep Update 8/15/2017

Damn its been a whole month since I posted an update, life and laziness has been getting the better of me lately. I’ve been wanting to do an update centered around Lil Peep for a while and now that his debut official release has come out it seems as good a time as any. Let me start off saying that Lil Peep is not for everyone. Some have described his music as “emo rap” and he has the image to go along with it.

Lil Peep started his career after dropping out of high school in 2015. He’s originally from Long Island, NY, but is now out in LA, California. He is a quintessential “SoundCloud Rapper”, generating a buzz almost exclusively via the internet without releasing cohesive projects. He had some success with Hellboy in late 2016, though certain internet reviewers were not impressed by it. He has since released many loosie tracks on Youtube and SoundCloud, culminating in the release of Benz Truck prior to his debut EP, Come Over When You’re Sober (Part 1).

I first stumbled across Lil Peep on Youtube by finding the above video. I liked the melancholy tone along with the “SadBoy-esque”/vaporwave aesthetic, I also liked his delivery. From there I found Your EyesWhite Wine, and Hellboy, all of which are worth checking out if you’re still with me. Lil Peep continues to change his image drastically, growing out his hair, dying it pink, most recently shaving his head, and continuing to accumulate tons of tattoos on his body and face. His lyrical content primarily revolves around drug use, his love life, and depression.  Some have tried to put him in a genre of “alternative rap”, others have called him “emo rap” as stated above. Lil Peep in my mind is definitively hip hop, although many of his songs defy rigid genre lines especially with his heavy use of rock and punk guitar samples.

Come Over When You’re Sober (Part 1) has finally come out on Apple music and Spotify, Peep’s first official release. Disappointingly, it is only 24 minutes long and made up by 7 songs, two of which (Benz Truck and The Brightside) came out beforehand. The album was supposed to come out August 11th, was pushed back to September, leaked on the internet and finally was released yesterday. The opener is Benz Truck, which is one of my favorite Lil Peep songs and I wish the rest of the album sounded more like it. Most of the other songs are slower and more introspective, U Said and The Brightside are my other two favorites. I love the beat/song switch in U Said and The Brightside probably has the best beat on the album outside of Benz Truck. Overall I thought this album was a let down, although I do still think Lil Peep has a ton of room to grow and is ultimately headed for success, be it in the mainstream or underground. Much of this album blends together into an angsty 20 minutes and before you know it its over. Hopefully we will see a Part 2 with a longer track listing and a few hits soon.

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