Update 6/26/2017

Listened to the Denzel Curry EP, wasn’t a big fan. I’ve been following Denzel since Nostalgic 64 in late 2014. I love his 2016 project Imperial, only 4 features and 10 tracks long it is a great cohesive body of work where Denzel raps about many societal issues in southern Florida among other subjects such as relationships and childhood nostalgia. Almost all of these songs I still listen to occasionally, if you haven’t already definitely check it http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/m/116308/script/<noscript><a href=’http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/denzel-curry-imperial-new-mixtape.116308.html&#8217; target=’_blank’>Denzel Curry – Imperial</a></noscript>” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>out.

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Denzel Curry – 13


Disappointing there are only 5 songs and they are all pretty short, total run time is only 12 minutes and a handful of these songs have already come out.

  1. Bloodshed – Denzel spits on the verses but the chorus is mediocre. Not a huge fan.
  2. Hate Government – Denzel “on his hate government shit”, song is only a minute and 30 seconds and the beat is super stripped down, the abrasiveness sounds almost as if it could be a Danny Brown track.
  3. Equalizer – Beat sounds similar to Hate Government, at the beginning the transition is very smooth. Ronny J raps on this, he’s a dope producer originally from New Jersey but lives in south Florida and is responsible for a lot of the sounds coming out of the area right now, including XXXtentacion and Lil Pump. This track is decent.
  4. Heartless – Another similar beat, Denzel raps with distorted vocals in a cadence he often uses.
  5. Zeltron 6 Billion – Lil Ugly Mane feature, for me this is probably the stand out track on the project. Quality lyricism, beat switches up from the abrasive/industrial theme of the last few songs, great flow. The feature also works well.

Overall expected more from Denzel and probably won’t be listening to this much. Hopefully this is just a teaser to tide the fans over before a major release coming soon but I have not heard anything.


Other updates, Ugly Godreleased  Fuck Ugly God, a funny self deprecating track (the meme here is that Ugly God is in a beef with himself) where he heats himself for various things such as “getting jumped on Halloween”  or borrowing clothes in 8th grade. It’s crazy to me that so far he is the only person capitalizing on the XXL hype with some music prepared, he also potentially has the best XXL freestyle so far. This is the meme rapper who makes videos like this

This song will apparently be on his upcoming project “The Booty Tape”.

XXXtentacion and affiliates have released a mixtape under the group “Members Only” listened to a few songs and thought it was alright, apparently they are still adding a couple tracks because it was leaked so I’ll give it a full listen when/if that happens.


Finally, Joe Budden and Migos almost got into a fight at the BET awards. I guess DJ Akademics couldn’t hear Takeoff and Takeoff didn’t like being asked about Bad and Boujee again after it has come up in other interviews. Joe interpreted this standoffish response from Takeoff to be an insult and cut the interview short and dropped the Mike and walked off acting tough and there was a tense moment. This is typical of Joe as he usually plays the crotchety worked up old head role and Everyday Struggle is getting a ton of publicity off of this stuff, video below.

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